Ceramic tiles - Healthy indoor air and pleasant climate

Good indoor air has a major impact on our health and quality of life. For this reason the right choice of floor covering is essential. As a healthy material for living, ceramic tiles are particularly noteworthy. They are made of natural raw materials and therefore have a lifetime without emissions. They are " ROOM AIR NEUTRAL".

The tile covering in combination with underfloor heating is not only ideal for heating. Water-bearing systems in combination with heat pumps or external cooling sources can even be used in summer as a pleasant, environmentally friendly surface cooling system.

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Rockford - Not all
stone is the same


Our new outdoor catalogue
is out now

Just in time for the start of spring, our new outdoor catalogue has arrived!
New are the 40 x 80 cm...


Presentation of the Kerbon wall element
at the virtual fair Expo1200 Grad

In the course of the first virtual tile fair Expo1200Grad, the Steuler Tile Group presents a remarkable new product: the Kerbon wall element. ...