neue Marketingleitung 2021 - Steuler Fliesengruppe

Concentrated female power as marketing management

Kathrin Kremski and Kerstin Rode jointly take over the marketing management of the Steuler Tile Group.

The long-standing female employees share the position of marketing management for the Steuler Tile Group - with this double appointment, the company is pursuing the modern approach of job sharing and thus benefits from the dual competencies and experience. Both have repeatedly demonstrated in many projects their technical skills and the ability to work well together in dealing with internal and external partners.

"In addition, with this innovative model, we as the Steuler Tile Group offer female employees working part-time the opportunity to take on management tasks and thus balance work and family life in a completely new way. This is an issue that is rapidly gaining importance in society and where we as a company have a responsibility to support where possible," said Alexander Lakos, member of the Executive Board of Norddeutsche Steingut AG.

Ms. Kremski has been with the company since 2005. After completing an apprenticeship and studying business administration, she took over as head of the marketing department in Leisnig in 2011.

Ms. Rode has been working in the marketing department at Steuler-Fliesen since 2014. With her degree in marketing/communications and the experience she has already gained, she offers the best prerequisites for this job.

"This model is more than just cooperation and good organization. We can support each other, split up according to strengths and stand in for each other. With a strong team in the background, we develop ideas together, move topics forward and find better solutions together," Kathrin Kremski and Kerstin Rode both agree and look forward to the new task with lots of motivation.


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