Rockford - Not all stone is the same

We have launched one of the most convincing stone interpretations. The look, feel and play of colour of the ROCKFORD porcelain stoneware series ensure lasting enthusiasm in terms of authenticity and surface effect.
We let our thoughts wander, searched for ideas and found what we were looking for in basalt stone. It is the expressive surface characteristics that are particularly fascinating. Because when basalt lava cools down, the rock shrinks and creates tensions that cannot be compensated. This results in faults and irregularities that leave behind an impressive mixture of unchanging as well as directionally changing rock structures. The result: a natural spectacle immortalised in stone.
We wanted to capture this fascinating effect, take it with us and reflect it in an extremely high-quality tile series. Whether laid in the living room, kitchen or hotel lobby. It is the special charm as well as the natural expression that makes the Rockford series suitable for traditional or new living concepts.
In five coordinated colours, the formats 60 x 120 cm and 60 x 60 cm as well as the matching skirtings, mosaic mats and treads, Rockford by Grohn can be combined with almost any furnishing style. Concise and yet restrained. Modern yet timeless - simply a stone.


06 Relax - The tile that always
strikes the right note

If, after a long day, you have the blues, then you can drive them away with soul – or with another sound that suits your personal taste.


06 Jive - A tile
full of verve

06 Jive combines stylish purism with exuberant joie de vivre. Because 06 Jive does not dictate the rhythm of ...


Summerville - Time-tested modernity
and lasting cosiness

Wood is very much on-trend. And this is nothing new. It projects a closeness to nature that has always been embraced – a down-to-earth, natural cosiness.