06 Cove: craftsmanship and imperishability

It is unmistakable: stone outstrips wood optics. More and more designers and interior designers are rediscovering the infinite variety for themselves. This also goes for tiles that combine the advantages of both materials: Natural materiality and robustness. With 06 Cove, these are the grains of the stone slabs within the Henges from the Stone and Bronze Age. They are not only the unique witnesses of craftsmanship, but also of imperishability.

The tiles in the series are equally suitable for walls and floors. In addition to the 40 x 120 cm wall tiles, 06 Cove 6 mm porcelain stoneware is available in the formats 60 x 60 cm and 60 x 120 cm, a 3 x 3 cm mosaic and the 20 x 20 cm decorative tiles. Grohn has thus developed the second series in 6 mm thickness.

To the series 06 Cove

The 06 Cove series in the room studio


06 Evo - Space
for new ideas

We've prepared a few things. Derived. Redesigned. After that, we briefly thought about it and yes - we found perfect.

6 mm tiles

The Steuler Tile Group stands, among other things, for resource-saving production. Because of innovative manufacturing processes, we are now able to produce tiles in 6 mm thickness.


XXL-Fliesen in 6 mm

Is it true that large tiles are not for small rooms? This rumour has been around for years, even when 25 x 33 was still a large format.