06 Evo - Space for new ideas

We've prepared a few things. Derived. Redesigned. After that, we briefly thought about it and yes - we found perfect. Not that we weren't good at tile before, but where would we be if important evolutionary steps were missing.
With the 06 Evo series from Grohn, we have created an innovative product that clearly raises the bar with a tactilely pleasant surface, a tile thickness of only 6 mm and the R10/B slip class. It was clear to us: ambitious builders, architects and planners don't follow a lead. Rather, they are united by their common desire to give special impetus to new ideas.
Thus 06 Evo impresses with unpretentious clarity, interacts skilfully with the architectural surroundings and thus invites people to linger unnoticed. No matter whether in a shop, foyer or living room.

Discreet in the background and yet exciting in its presence, 06 Evo is an impressive porcelain stoneware tile in the rectified formats 60 x 120 cm and 60 x 60 cm. Due to the low material thickness of only 6 mm, 06 Evo can also be used excellently for renovation and refurbishment of old buildings.
But what would evolutionary steps be without any revolt? We have put together a package especially for this and added a novelty to the floor: the 06 Evo wall and decorative tiles in the   35 x 100 cm format in 6mm. Alternately they captivate with a restrained surface effect or modern polygon graphics.

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