Our new products at the Cersaie 2018

At this year's presentation of the Grohn brand at the leading ceramics fair Cersaie, a number was at centre stage: 150. The eponymous series celebrates the 150th anniversary of Norddeutsche Steingut AG and was unveiled for the first time to the public in Bologna. Embellished with the latest finishing techniques, this porcelain gres series pays tribute to 150 years of expertise in ceramics while at the same time pointing the way to the future of Grohn.

On the exhibition stand, another main topic of the new product presentation of the brands Grohn and NordCeram were the various tile thicknesses of 6 mm, 9 mm and 2 cm. Design elements, such as the integration of icons and emblems on the exterior walls and a three-dimensional 6 mm logo, ensured a constant engagement with the variety of thicknesses. The outdoor panels were individually laid and integrated into the floor concept of the bar area, where they could not be overlooked or ignored by the visitor.

In addition to the new 6 mm thickness, the new series was also used to present the next generation of surfaces – finished for the first time with the “rocker” effect. With this new technology in the field of ceramic decoration, it is possible to combine the previously purely one-dimensional, flat digital printing with a relief and partial gloss effect. This provides the tile with not only visual depth, but also an additional palpable level – at the exact spot where the motif depicts an uneven surface.


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