Simplon: Granite from Switzerland

Impervious, resistant and with a characteristic appearance: this is granite. This natural stone is one of the hardest of its kind, but it is not only popular as a building material, in sculpture or as floor and wall covering. The stone has a huge variety of colours and varies just as widely in its grain size. The natural, subtle shimmer of the crystals enclosed in the stone also gives it a high-quality character. In contrast to marble and co., granite nevertheless always appears solid and restrained. Whether in white, grey, red-brown or anthracite: the tiles of the Simplon series in porcelain stoneware faithfully reproduce the natural stone's typical texture. The lively grain creates ever new patterns and shades.

Simplon tiles are available both in the classic 60 x 60 cm format and as a mosaic in 3 x 3 cm. There are also 2 cm thick outdoor tiles in 60 x 60 cm format for the design of living spaces that merge seamlessly from the interior to the exterior.

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